Top Voters and Top Resets-Month of March

Hello everyone!

We would like to announce our Top Resets and Top Voters in the Month of March.

Top Resets`
1st Place: INDRA 
2nd Place: iDLsky9
3rd Place: MersonKo

Top Voters`
1st Place: andis31
2nd Place: BMRhon13
3rd Place: inamoka42

The prize will be insert by our Handsome admin Pxmous.

Congratulations to all top players in the month of March. Top Voters and Top Resets in the month of April is Started. Goodluck to all of you Gaionians!

Enjoy playing and have a niceday!

-GaionMU Staff Team.

    Added on : April 1, 2017 , 10:04 AM

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