Gaion APRIL Monthly Changes



Good day Gaionians!


We have finally come to the end of March! which means new changes to our game servers.

Please note that these list may have come to an effect already and some may come during the first day of April. Here are they:


- Grand Reset Requirement: 150 -> 300

- Grand Reset Prize: 300,000 

- Prices in webshop: x2 (Doubled)

- Webshop Sunday Sale 10%OFF

- Donation Weekend Sale 20%OFF

- Added Blacksmith in website

- Blacksmith Prizes Adjusted

Level UP Cash Cost: 30,000

Level UP Exc Options Cost (goes up by 2 each option): 1,000

Level UP eCoins Cost: 3

Level UP eCoins Exc Options Cost (goes up by 2 each opt): 1

Harmony Cash Cost: 50,000

Harmony eCoins Cost: 7

- Blacksmith added support for weapons

- Added happy hour in game (x2 EXP, x2 Jewel Drops)

- ADDED ancient drops in LOT (Land of Trial) exclusive for castle siege owner

- Opened Acheron

- Pentagrams Enabled

- Arca War -> Opening after 2nd week of Castle Siege

- Removed Dark Horse and Dark Raven in game.

- Reduced Dark Horse Spirit and Dark Raven Spirit drop in game (it was higher before)

- Fixed a ton of Kris bug issue in the vault.

- Fixed webshop where players were able to buy F.O Items

- Fixed webshop where items would occupy the jewel's space in the vault.

- Fixed vote for credits IP bug.

- Updated donation packages for pentagrams.

- Updated refund policy and TOS.

- Fix where the ML Skill "Vengeance" was not working.

- Fixed Y.O bug (+0%)

- Released KILLER Set -> Available in donations FOR LIMITED TIME (also PvP Event available prize is killer set)

- REMOVED 500,000 Gold 10 Recruit 20 RR Event -> NEW INFO on this 


Pentagrams and Killer set will be available in April 1.


On behalf of GaionMU Team, we would like to thank everyone for such a great month. Everyone became part of ups and downs of the server and hopefully you would still be here until the end of April again.


Thank you!

    Added on : March 30, 2017 , 20:24 PM

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